Recruitment of Foreign Nationals


Recruitment of Foreign Nationals

We prioritize an international perspective and aim to provide work opportunities for individuals with diverse cultures and backgrounds, while creating a comfortable working environment for everyone.
We welcome individuals from foreign countries and encourage you to utilize your specialized knowledge and perspective within our company.


Job Openings

Type/Hours-Bathhouse: 8 hours per day + 1 hour break

-Food and Beverage: 8 hours within 8:00-25:00 + 1hour break
Application RequirementsIndividuals holding a visa or permanent residency in Japan.
LocationPlease inquire.
Selection Process1, Document Screening (Please send your resume to our company.)
2, First Interview (Interview with our HR personnel)
3, Final Interview (Interview with our company executives)

For applications or inquiries regarding our company, please contact the following:

MASHIRO Holdings Co., Ltd.
3-25-5 Aoi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City
tel: 052-936-3501